Eric Weinberger

About Eric Weinberger

Weinberger is a sports media leader known for his work as an executive producer at the NFL Network and as a senior producer at Fox Sports. He is a strategic operations specialist who focuses on live production events, entrepreneurial mentoring, long-form storytelling, and monetizing linear and digital assets.

Spotlights of Weinberger's career as a media executive include:

  • Producer of NFL Draft
  • Producer of NFL Total Access
  • Producer of NFL Gameday Morning
  • Producer of Thursday Night Football
  • Producer of Best Damn Sports Show
  • Producer of Live zone at Rolling Loud Los Angeles
  • Key member of the team that developed the NFL Network
  • Creator of multiple assets for HBO and the Bill Simmons Media Group
  • Executive Producer for the HBO hit documentary: Andre the Giant, a unique cinematic adventure detailing the life of one of history’s most recognizable WWE heroes

Eric Weinberger served as President and Executive Producer of “After the Thrones,” an HBO follow-up to the global cinematic masterpiece: Game of Thrones. Weinberger oversaw all operations, including onboarding more than 70 staff members, corporate budgeting, human resources, and content distribution.

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